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What Happen to was currently down on July 13, 2022 and recover on Jan, 2023 Come Back now. is a mirror created by an unrelated third party to keep the content accessible.

Should come back online, this site will be taken down.

Currently, is only an archive of existing content – I am not looking to open contributions until I’m sure that is down for good. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me at [email protected].

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Asstr Stand for Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository Site …because the best things in life truly are free.

ASSTR is home to over 1000 authors of erotic literature, host of the newsgroup, mirror site for, and host of several popular erotic literature archives.

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News update


We are currently recovering from a hardware failure on our main server. We’re in the process of rebuilding the site to be more robust. In the meantime you may find a few things broken. Specifically, there is no way at the moment for authors to add new stories. We’re trying to fix that as quickly as possible.


We fixed a problem with the ReCaptcha verification not working with certain web browsers, including Google Chrome. You should now be able to submit author feedback, account applications, help requests, etc. regardless of web browser.


Profiles, New Arrivals, Links for Authors

Over one thousand of the best authors ever to publish erotica keep their sites on ASSTR.


Exquisite anthologies prepared by discriminating collectors.

A.S.S.M. Weekly and Monthly indexes ASSM Search

Alt.Sex.Stories.Moderated — the newsgroup, the archive.

Site Map, FAQs

New users may wish to view a guide to using ASSTR as well as a listing of the many available FAQs.

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  • free, donation supported
  • somewhat regular updates
  • big archive of erotic literature
  • auto-scroll for hands-free reading
  • it’s just a bunch of words
  • site growth has slowed
  • mysterious acronyms for sex acts
  • could be easier to browse

Asstr Review

Kristen ASSTR! I always wondered what good can come from being too lonely and horny with lots of sensual thoughts and ideas until I came across The Kristen Archives. It turns out that the reason behind the site ‘The Kristen Archives’ aka “Kristen stories” is this one girl who presumably was very lonely and idle at least not in a bad way because she ultimately managed to collect lots of erotic stories, from back in 1997. I mean it’s a little insane because looking back now I can see how much impact she has had on other losers like myself looking for solitude. Or should I say somewhere to immerse their hopeless sensual desperation into a sea of wonderful well-curated sex stories?Well, unfortunately, I am just some dumbass who cannot contribute to her collection because it turns out that I have only fucked my hand with lube and wouldn’t have the slightest idea of what to do with a beautiful heart. Unless of course, you all want some porn narratives because that’s the nearest I have come to wildly horny women. Anyways perhaps I’ll possibly share my experience pretty soon enough.However, I must confess that I totally connect with older romance versions because it pretty much seems to me like love wasn’t as complicated. And unfortunately, the generation I am in, love and money lust are basically one and the same thing. Therefore you can imagine how tough it is for a big jobless boy like myself who still lives in his mom’s basement to score pussy. Either way, at least Kristen and her fap knowledgeable authors still manage to keep me entertained through my mystery each day with unfiltered mesmerizing romantic works. And while it might not necessarily be everyone’s cup of tea, you can trust my word that there is basically something for every goddamned horny lonely soul out there!

General outlook & functionality

For starters, there are lots of writings at the beginning of the site trying to educate your ass about the founder and what you stand to encounter. Now, from the knowledge that it is an archive-based website, the design might actually begin to make more sense. The authenticity notwithstanding, I presume that back then there were no navigational bars/ menus no wonder the site does not contain sections with short cut buttons; which translates to the big scrolling tiresome work left for users to deal with. Although, I am not complaining because it’s free and I wouldn’t probably afford access were it premium. In terms of functionality, it is not a bad website overall, and the black background is sure soft on the eyes. I guess you could as well overlook the hassled site design to try and be positive about all the good quality sex stories availed for your enjoyment.

Intriguing facts about be the site

Well, I hope there are still some good imaginative people left out there whose minds are more than invested in creative reads because most people I know would rather jerk it off and be done with it from some random porn scene rather than read a goddamned sex story or like I call them masterpieces. Now, the site welcomes it’s users with a huge collection of porn sex stories, however before we get to that, we might as well look through vital features of this site. These include:Kristen’s Board; this is some sort of a community space in which the site’s users get to share their feelings on various stuff, including life. A brilliant idea for the loners like me so as not to feel too depressed or alone in this world. With the other most thoughtful thing being that it’s also a juncture for users to actually give their feedback on various sex stories they have read.The Kristen Archives; here, you will find a special section for the resident authors, site features, their favorite sex sites, among other things. The actual drill here being that stories added to the favorite stories are actually the best stories of the site. Therefore for those in a rush to get there, they could as well use this knowledge as a life hack.My personal favorite suggestion; this section is basically filled with only fan fictional stories. I mean, there is basically a little bit of everything from the vampire-ish scary stories with a heart of romance all the way down to biblical characters, exciting, right?

Sex stories

If it helps to know, I have gotten off to sex stories more times than I could possibly count and it’s not that my pervasiveness goes beyond the mind but simply because I find fiction rather captivating. I mean, if there is ever a way to escape reality then you can trust me to be actively down that very path. Sex stories, especially the ones on this archive have a way of drowning someone into the delightful world of fantasies, moving your minds and feelings all together in perfect harmony to deliver you into your desired ecstasy.And while it might be a little crazy that I manage to get off to characters I have neither seen nor met, I swear the descriptions can be pretty sexily awesome and smoldering. To the extent that the emotional connection between the individual leads you to imagine that you were either of the parties; actively kissing, touching, and dancing into the rhythm of the stars. While you might not actually believe this, once you are on a boner spree, stroking inherently, there is no stopping!

The Categories

The Kristen Archives features a categories section, which I guess on a typical up to date site you would find on top of the homely or something. But I guess it’s time to kiss different, thou as strenuous. You will have to scroll down hard again and again well until you get to the category archives. The categories covered include the familiar, exquisite and definitely outrageous; celebrity sluts, kinky Asian fantasies, pregnant bitches who love to fuck, swinger stories plus so much more.You could say that they have pretty much covered the basics of what you could expect to read in an erotic story, but if you are one of those “special” or “professional scenes” pursuers, who are not too easily impressed by amateurish kind of content. Then I guess you might as well hid their references for greener pastures. Unfortunately because in as much as the content is highly interesting most of it is also based on strange concepts that might actually leave you stunned instead of satisfactorily drained.

The good of the Kristen Archive

Lots of free well written erotic stories; the site avails a huge archive of sex stories from the 90s and still continues to add more distinct creative works meaning that any active reader cannot easily run out of content to keep themselves entertained.Similar great website suggestions; the site provides suggestions to other great sites where you can find equally awesome erotic stories as probably a good gesture to all staunch sex stories fanatics.Awesome categories choices make the search easier; choices always have a way to spice up anything, and you can bet that any user will be delighted by the array of exquisite stories they have lined up to pick from.No ads or pop-ups; well, concentration on this site is of essence which is exactly why I guess these folks took it to themselves to ensure that there are no Ads or pop-ups whatsoever on this site. That way, users are able to concentrate on the content solely.

Possible concerns

The not up to date 90s design; while old is gold, some old vibes just don’t click with the current generation. Most especially site designs from the 90s which make you feel like you are in pursuit of ancient knowledge here. Not a good thing I presume and perhaps it would only be fair to have them moving with time.Tiresome scrolling; your fingers will probably be feeling worn out from all the scrolling you’ll have to endure on this site; considering that there are no quite solid enough shortcuts to get you there ASAP!Unedited stories; unfortunately, even after the site promises filtered content, there are still stories with lots of spelling mistakes or ones that don’t just add up around.


The site should at least get a designer to bring it in the wake of today because as it is browsing is a hectic affair not to mention that it’s almost like there are no ‘standards’ for the stories with some being worse than others. Also, we are in an era where audio stories are a thing, please!


The Kristen Archives (often misspelled as “Kristens archives” and “Kristin archives”) brings old and new sex stories romance alive today, and if that’s the kind of world your soul lingers at, then there is basically nothing to stop you.

  lots of free well written erotic stories  similar great website suggestions

Asstr, also known as Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository, is a popular web source where you will find thousands of erotic stories. This website is home to over 1000 authors that create their masterpieces for you! Moreover, you can check out the profiles of these authors and know more about these naughty people who are not afraid to tell the world all their XXX fantasies. Also, you can join them and become a writer yourself if you want to share your sex stories with the Asstr community. Start with Asstr Recent category to enjoy the newest stories and then check out the archives. Have fun!

ASSTR in the title stands for Alt Sex Stories is one of the most popular & biggest adult erotic text-based sites available as a free website to arouse you like nothing. It is an interesting site for avid porn readers & writers – with a huge archive of user-submitted erotic stories. is an excellent sex-story based site that offers all kinds of adult text material with a wide range of categories to choose from. The site is supported by adult members as well as writers from around the world, who not only love to add value to the existing collection of stories but also read what other users have to say in writing.

    The website offers a huge and wide stash of free erotic sex stories based on real people with a lust for written erotica. The content covers an inspiring number of different categories from mature sex to casual sex and from cheating sex to extreme sex. site hosts interactive adult stories for  an active community to explore various niches and different themes. As a porn writer, you can post your own stories in every possible genre. Before you can post your own work, you need to get registered entering a few simple fields.

    Typical to websites of this type, as soon as you open up, a whole assortment of erotic sex stories along with their titles will be there in a way that some stories are more famous than others – as a newbie you can begin with one of them.

Free Site

asstr, ASSTR

~ Pros ~

 It features almost every category you think about

 It features both real life and fictional sex stories

 Almost everyone is allowed to post sex stories here

 There is no censorship of work submitted here

~ Cons ~ 

❌ It’s kinda hard to navigate and find the stories

❌ The material comes in different formats

❌ The site design is old as shit

Asstr Gone