Onn Earbuds Pairing Steps Onn Bluetooth Earbuds Pairing Onn Wireless Earbuds Not Pairing Troubleshooting

How to Pairing Onn Earbuds?

Onn Earbuds Pairing

Or you can go Onn Earbuds Pairing Website

How to connect onn wireless earbuds

Onn Bluetooth Earbuds Pairing

Onn Wireless Earbuds Pairing Steps

  1. Open the charging case and pick out both Onn. earbuds, onn earbuds will power on and go to pairing mode automatically
  2. Open the device as Phone or laptop ” Bluetooth ”
  3. searching for “Onn. TWS Earphones” on Bluetooth list
  4. Different display and operation will on iPhone, Macos, Window and Android
  5. Tap to connect the onn earbuds On device
  6. If connect success, Onn Wireless Earbuds Pairing complete!
  7. Once the pairing process was successful, the Onn Earbuds will connect to Mobile phone automatically.
  8. If you want to pair with another device, please turn Bluetooth off on your last paired device if it is nearby, then open the charging case cover for pairing.

Before you use your Earbuds the first time, you must pair the unit with a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.

Pairing is a one‐time process and required only for the first connection with the Mobile phone.

If pairing is not completed within 2 minutes, the Earbuds will turn off. If this happens, please repeat the pairing steps.

How do I use Onn Bluetooth Earbuds

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onn in ear pairing

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Onn Wireless Earbuds Not Pairing

Onn earbuds not pairing

Onn bluetooth earbuds not pairing

  • If Onn Wireless Earbuds Not Pairing, Please do steps to resolve:
  • Put the Onn earbuds back into the charging case and close for serveral minutes, then open, restart will resolve lot of problem
  • Reset onn earbuds: If it still not work , please press the power button for 15 seconds to reset the earbuds to factory.
  • Please do the onn earbuds pairing steps again, it will become work again.

How to Put Onn Earbuds in Pairing mode

  • When you open the charging case or press the power button to power on the Onn Earbuds, it will in pairing mode automatically!

How to Find Onn Earbuds on iPhone, IOS, Macos and Android


Setting APP > Bluetooth > Onn Earbuds > Tap to connect


Apple menu > System Preferences > Bluetooth > click Connect > Accept


Windows Start Menu > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth > Add Bluetooth or other device > Select Bluetooth in the pop-up window > Select your Onn Earbuds from the list > Tap to connect


Setting > Connected devices > Pair new device > Select your Onn Earbuds from the list > Tap the checkbox to allow access > Tap to connect >

Onn Earbuds paired

  • When the Onn Earbuds paired success, the LED indicator light on your Onn Earbuds will stop blinking and you will hear an audible (a tone or voice) confirmation that your Earbuds is connected

Troubleshooting Onn Earbuds connection or Pairing

  • Check Ready
  • Check the Bluetooth and confirm turned on.
  • Check the discoverable mode is turned on.
  • check both the devices no far away.
  • check the both device on charged have enought power
  • Pair solution
  • Power off and Power on again will solve lot of problem!
  • Delete Bluetooth connection on your device bluetooth list.

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