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Perfect slimming for Arms, Abdomen,Thighs, Hips, Legs, etc.

EELHOE Belly Fat Burning Slimming Spray Weight Loss Body Leg Waist

How does Eelhoe fat burning spray work?

1. Fat-burning essence, peppermint, pine and other powerful essential oils can reduce inflammation and relieve pain, effectively massage, deeply relax muscles, comprehensively condition the skin, and tighten and lose weight.

It contains a variety of plant extracts and penetration aids, which can make the active ingredients penetrate into the skin to decompose and remove subcutaneous fat.

2. Build the perfect body – This slimming cream works great for slimming waist, thin legs, arms, thighs and tightening abs. Moisturizes and nourishes, leaving your skin smooth and supple for a beautiful and attractive figure.

Spray on the obese parts of the body, it can effectively tighten the skin, lose weight, consume body calories, and reduce fat accumulation.

3. Ideal for extremely dry, rough, uneven skin. Opens skin pores to promote circulation, targets sweat glands, increases town, accelerates warm-up and recovery time. Accelerates blood circulation, promotes body metabolism, strengthens muscles, and promotes health. Improve tissue organization and make skin smooth and delicate.

Promote detoxification and promote local microcirculation; Circulating massage accelerates detoxification.

Burning fat quickly promotes metabolism, burns fat quickly, promotes fat synthesis, and continuously consumes fat accumulated in the body.

4. Amazing Fat Burning Serum – Our Thermal Serum helps achieve a flat belly, sculpted body without stretch marks and oil buildup, reduces the appearance of cellulite, penetrates pores and eliminates excess fatty tissue.5. The use is simple and the effect is obvious.

Use it every day, and you can see the ideal results every day for a few weeks. Beauty belongs to you, bid farewell to the barrel waist and elephant legs.

Promote fat metabolism and toxin discharge, effectively eliminate local edema.

Reduce Belly Fat

EELHOE Fat Burning Spray

EELHOE Fat Burner Slimming Spray

EELHOE Fat Loss Spray

EELHOE Skin Tightening Spray

EELHOE Fat Burning Spray How to use

How to use:

Shake before use;

Spray on the abdomen, waist buttocks, thighs, underarms where there is too much fat accumulation;

Massage until absorption is complete (Spray at least 2 times a day, you can spray multiple times, spray on the body fat parts, such as: thighs, waist, abdomen, arms, etc.)

Raw materials: wild hawthorn, chrysanthemum mother, rhubarb rhizome
How to use: After getting up in the morning, spray this product (3-5ml) on an empty stomach, massage clockwise until absorbed, eat breakfast after 40 minutes, and the same dose in the evening.

EELHOE Fat Burning Spray Specs

Product Namefat burning spray
FunctionBurn Fat, Firming, Body Slimming

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