Blackweb Rugged Portable Charger Extra Charges Blackweb Power Bank 10400mah Blackweb BWA18WI075

Blackweb Rugged Portable Charger

Blackweb BWA18WI075

Blackweb 10,400 mAh Rugged Portable Battery 4X Extra Charges, Orange

Invest in a premium portable battery pack that will allow you to keep your devices fully charged and can handle the rough and tumble of everyday life with the Blackweb 4x Extra Charges 10400 mAh Rugged Portable Battery, Orange. This 4x Extra Charges 10400 mAh Rugged Portable Battery from Blackweb is all you need to keep your phones, tablets, laptops and more fully charged, and it has enough juice to charge the average phone 4 times!

It’s a super rugged portable battery that’s IP65 dustproof and water resistant, so it can handle the odd splash or bit of rain without you having to worry about it getting damaged or destroyed.

This complete package comes with a 1 ft.

Micro USB to USB charging cable that’s universal with many devices and has a Micro-USB input of 5V/2A and a USB-A output of 1.5V/2.4A and 2.5V/2.4A. It also has a built-in flashlight and carabiner with bottle opener, so it comes in extra handy for more than just charging.

It is ideal for keeping in your purse or backpack for whenever you need it most. The sleek black design is super cool and sure to fit in with any aesthetic.

Say goodbye to dead devices with no battery and pick up the Blackweb 4x Extra Charges 10400 mAh Rugged Portable Battery today!

Blackweb Rugged Portable Charger features:

  • USB port is great for charging phones, tablets and other devices
  • USB-A type adapter
  • USB adapter is compatible with most electronics
  • Compatible with USB-charged devices, including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and a host of other Android-based smartphones and tablets
  • Includes 10400mAh power bank with built-in carabiner and bottle opener, and also comes with a 1 ft. Micro USB to USB-A charging cable
  • Provides up to 4x extra charges to charge multiple devices multiple times over
  • USB-A1 output rated at 1.5V/2.4A and USB-A2 output rated at 2.5V/2.4A

Blackweb Rugged Portable Charger specs:

Assembled Product Weight1 lbs
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)10.00 x 10.00 x 1.00 Inches

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