Best Waterproof Phone Pouch Case Dry Bag Mobile Cover

Ready for go exciting adventures as Swimming, Rafting, Fishing with your cellphones using & record interesting moments and looking for a waterproof phone pouch quality & meets your needs ?

Almost all of modern cell phones with IP Rating are not real waterproof , they are Water Resistant Rating Design! Only tested immersion in freshwater! As smartphones water resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear and their weak protection of sudden drop and shock, scratch resistant , they may not enough for outdoor environment! So, you still need a waterproof pouch to keep your phones dry and safe!

A waterproof phone pouch can also keep water out of Money, key, Credit Cards, driver’s license, document etc.

TOP 5 Waterproof Pouch

Quick Guide

Editor’s choiceHiearcool Waterproof Phone Pouch
Top PickJOTO Universal Waterproof Case
Best FloatsProcase Waterproof Pouch
Unique QualityYOSH Waterproof Phone Pouch

Best Value

Stoon Universal Waterproof Case


Editor’s choiceTop PickBest FloatsUnique QualityBest Value
Pack2 Pack1 Pack2 Pack2 Pack2 Pack
IPX8 Waterproof100 ft / 30 meters100 feet100ft100feet100 ft / 30m
SizeUp to 7.0″Up to 7.0″Up to 7.0″up to 6.8″Up to 6.9”
Click DetailsHiearcoolJOTOProcaseYOSHStoon
Buy AmazonGet YoursGet YoursGet YoursGet YoursGet Yours

Best Waterproof Phone Pouch 2022

Editor’s choice

Best Overall:

Hiearcool Waterproof Phone Pouch

✅Value Price for 2 Pack
✅IPX8 certified – 100 feet / 30 meters
✅Used for Larger Phones
✅Lanyard Metal Lock
✅Secure compare with other
✅Best Seller #1
✅Good Customer Reviews#1
✅Adjustable lanyard
✅Multi Color
✅Triple Protection
💧You need buy 2 one time
💧Pay a bit more than one
💧Not for Floating use

Hiearcool waterproof phone case best option for phones up to 7-inches. Tested popular larger phone as iPhone 13 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Google Pixel 6, LG etc.

Value price 2 pack compare to other waterproof phone bag. It comes with three layers of protection, full sealed underwater passed IPX8 watertight test – as deep as 100 feet, helps protect against damage and water ingress.

6 different color combinations – Meets your favorite color.

Hiearcool waterproof case includes an adjustable lanyard with its pouches. The metal lock of lanyard Design keep secure than other fragile waterproof dry bag.

Large clear windows on black and front for convenient operation. The transparent cover still allows access to all buttons and ports along with the camera on the back for a clear shot, making it perfect for taking underwater, poolside, or beach pictures. 

Hiearcool waterproof bag not just to carry your phone but also your cards, cash, and passport. 

There is no any waterproof test shows water damage of salt water!

Hiearcool universal waterproof pouch – Amazon waterproof phone case near me USA

Top Pick :

JOTO Waterproof Pouch

✅Buy One Available
✅14 Fun Colors Available
✅IPX8 certified – 100 feet / 30 meters
✅Used for Larger Phones
✅Top Seller
✅Top Customer Reviews
💧lanyard can not Adjustable
💧Normal Lanyard with Lock
💧Lanyard Lock Not Secure &durable
💧Not for Floating use

JOTO universal waterproof case can easily fit most smartphone with a 7 inch diagonal size. 

This waterproof phone cover has large clear windows on black and front with soft Polyvinyl Chloride material for delicate response and touch. Perfect viewing, taking pictures, and recording videos.

100% waterproof seal keep your mobile protected from water damage, ice and snow. 

The mobile phone can work perfectly well underwater for up to 30 meters.

Life Water Proof, Rain Proof, Snow Proof, Sand Proof, Dust Proof and offers full-coverage protection

Phone waterproof bag for swimming in the pool, beach, ocean and more

You can also use your touchscreen with the JOTO without needing to remove your Phones from the bag. 

Securing your phone into the pouch literally takes seconds, thanks to the seamless snap and lock function. 

JOTO Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch – Amazon waterproof phone case near me

Best Floats:

ProCase Waterproof Phone Pouch

✅Best Feature – Floating
✅Lanyard Metal Lock
✅IPX8 certified – 100 feet / 30 meters
✅7″ Used for Larger Phones
✅Several Colors
✅Good Customer Reviews
💧Floats – Not for diving, snorkeling
💧Might not float well for heavy phones
💧lanyard can not Adjustable

If you need a waterproof mobile pouch that floats, the best choice of floating case is ProCase waterproof pouch!

The Best feature is the TPU material made out of the viewing window

The air padding design on the pouch makes your cell phone float easily, make sure your phone doesn’t sink to the bottom of the river/lake/ocean but stays, no more worries about dropping your precious belongings in the water

With design larger 7 inch size, there’s enough room in this pouch to fit a decent-sized phone along with credit cards, room key cards, cash, and other essentials so you can leave your purse or wallet at home. 

Highly reliable quality lanyard better than other brand

These pouches are good for floating! not ideal for diving, scuba or snorkeling

ProCase waterproof phone pouch near me Amazon

Unique Quality:

YOSH Waterproof Phone Pouch

✅Unique Hight Quality Material
✅Comfortable Touch
✅IPX8 certified – 100 feet / 30 meters
✅6.8″ Used for Larger Phones
✅You can buy larger size 7.5 version
✅Several Colors & Version
✅Good Customer Reviews
💧lanyard can not Adjustable
💧Lanyard Lock not very strong
💧can not floats
💧size 6.8″ not largest but enough
💧Please confirm your phone size
💧Select larger size version

Unique Hight Quality Material Provide great value for money

The Clear Window also super HD for better take photos and videos underwater

Advanced Special Sealed Clip – operating easier & secure than others

Double Sealed Tech – Improved additional enclosed hemming provides better seal ability – Strong Water Resistance

Doubly secured rounded edges prevent physical damage

Designed to be ergonomic for hold well waterproof mobile phone cases dry bags for boating

YOSH Waterproof Cell Phone Pouch Near Me Amazon United State

Best Value:

Stoon Waterproof Pouch

✅Value Price – Low
✅Super Buoyancy – Floating Feature
✅Ergonomic Design – Grip Well
✅IPX8 certified – 100 feet / 30 meters
✅6.9″ Used for Larger Phones
✅Lanyard Metal Lock – Secure
✅Good Customer Reviews
💧lanyard can not Adjustable
💧Floating Case not used for diving snorkeling

The Stoon Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch with cheap price save as much money as possible , however, it does not mean that it is of bad quality. 

The most important design is it floats. The air bag on the back of the waterproof phone case keeps your mobile phone floating. This assures that your phone will not sink to the bottom of the beach if the lanyard breaks.

Super Buoyancy up to 200 grams – will Floating for Heavy phones

waterproof dry pouch that can fit a mobile phone with a diagonal size of 6.9 inches.

Upgraded secure lock with premium ABS material ensures durability, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance.  Solid and holds up to even the worst physical damage.

Stoon waterproof phone case for swimming Amazon

IPX8 meaning:

  • “I” represent for Ingress
  • “P” represent for Pritection
  • “X” represent for Dust-tight – against dust no certified
  • “8” represent for Waterproof

Please Note:

  • Please use paper test before used for water resistant
  • Do not support Fingerprint, you should unlock your phone
  • Recommend use Volume button to underwater photography
  • Remove the phone case is better

Vansky Waterproof Dry Bag

✅Armband & Waterproof Pouch
✅Special 2 in 1 Design
✅Audio Jack Design
✅IPX8 certified – 100 feet / 30 meters
✅6.5″ Size phones
✅Customer Reviews well
💧6.5″ size not for large phones
💧Floating up to 110g no for heavy phones
💧Floating Case not used for diving snorkeling
💧Lanyard Lock not Secure
💧Audio Jack not used for latest phones USB port

Unique Design – Comes with armband

Vansky uses a premium-grade TPU material to create its Floatable Waterproof Phone Case.

Design with an armband and headphone attachment great for sports and fitness.

With new prong latch closure, which our testers found very easy to open and close

They were also impressed by the pouch’s buoyancy as the pouch pushed back while being held underwater.

vansky floatable waterproof case / vansky waterproof phone pouch 

Vansky Waterproof Phone Case Near Me Amazon United State

Moko Waterproof Case

✅Hight Quality
✅Cheap Price!
✅Single Buy
✅7″ Size for larger phones
✅IPX8 certified – 98 feet / 30 meters
✅Customer Reviews well
💧Lanyard not adjustable
💧no floats
💧Lanyard Lock not Secure

Universal Phone Pouch Holder 7 inch with extra space for credit card, ID, cash, coins.

Easy operate for beach, swimming, fishing, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling and water park activities.

A simple hight quality waterproof phone pouch meets your need

Touch very well I like the feeling

Lanyard quality but lock not secure as metal

MOKO waterproof phone case Near Me Amazon USA

Syncwire Waterproof Phone Pouch

✅ Adjustable Lanyard
✅ Lanyard Lock Secure
✅7″ Size for larger phones
✅IPX8 certified – 100feet / 30 meters
✅Customer Reviews well
💧no floats
💧A little Expensive

Large Case provides additional space for your card, cash and tools.

Multi protection design

This IPX68 and excellent full sealed performance waterproof bag protects your cellphones up to 30 meters deep underwater

Cell Phone Waterproof Case Dry Bag Protector with Lanyard for Taking Pictures underwater

Soft TPU material – made for delicate touch and response

Syncwire waterproof phone case Near Me Amazon USA

Aquavault Waterproof Floating Phone Case

✅ Adjustable Lanyard
✅Triple Seal Protection Design
✅Premium Heavy Duty PVC Design
✅Reinforced corners prevent drop protection
✅IPX8 certified – 30 feet
✅Several Colors
✅Customer Reviews well
💧no floats
💧Rugged but Expensive!
💧Lanyard Lock not strong
💧Back clear window small for some phones

Aquavault phone case Includes Adjustable Neck Strap

It does have a fully transparent pouch and soft rounded edges for smartphone button use.

Both features were made to help users take better and more comfortable underwater shots.

Retain Full Functionality of Your Phone While in Case

Aquavault waterproof phone pouch

Aquavault waterproof floating smartphone case amazon

AiRunTech Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap

✅ Adjustable Lanyard
✅2 Pack for value price
✅Larger and Powerful Carrying
✅IPX8 certified – 32 ft / 10 meters
✅7 inches for big phones
✅Several Colors
✅Customer Reviews well
💧Larger -may not convenient carrying some time
💧floats feature not good for Diving deep

Beach accessories for vacation must haves: Extra Peace of Mind.

Practical, Adjustable and Comfortable Waist Pack.

Easy adjust design to meet different waist size needs, it can fit the most waist sizes comfortably.

also can use as cross-body bag, or shoulder bag.

If you’re looking for a little more storage than for just your phone, you’ll want to opt for a waterproof pouch that’s easy to carry and will keep your essentials safe and dry.

Fully dive into your adventures without worrying about your valuables being stolen. 

This pouch has a waterproof seal and can be carried multiple ways for convenience. 

Not only carrying your phones, ID, cash, credit cards, but even passport or wallet!

waterproof bag for beach

Airuntech waterproof dry bag Near Me Amazon USA

Pelican waterproof phone case

IP68 waterproof – 3.3ft (1m) for up to 30 minutes

Built in air cushions provide buoyancy for easier phone retrieval

Detachable lanyard helps to keep your phone secure

Clear window allows you to use your phone while inside the pouch

Comfortable touch feeling

Heavy Duty Protection

Pelican cell phone dry bag Amazon

Anker Waterproof Case

up to 6 inches – small waterproof bag

IPX8 Rating – stays dry in 32 ft of water or defends against mud, dust, snow and more.

Unhindered Use – highly-sensitive, transparent PVC.

Safe And Secure – Safety lock allows you to quickly detach pouch from neck strap if needed.

simple snap in seconds lock mechanism and fasten neck strap to pouch for convenient hands-free carrying

Anker waterproof mobile bag Amazon

Most Rugged

Calicase Universal Waterproof Floating Case

✅Most rugged waterproof pouch
✅IPX8 certified – 100 ft / 30 meters
✅6.1 inch size
✅Lanyard Metal Lock – Secure
✅Good Customer Reviews
💧6.1″ too small for larger phones nowadays!
💧Floating Case not used for diving snorkeling

CaliCase is well known for quality and has set a good standard with this waterproof phone pouch

Best floating Design

Bulk than others – Rugged cell phone waterproof bag

Double layer of PVC protection which doubly protects ensures maximum waterproof protection whatever device is inside it.

Tougher and stronger, made to withstand extreme conditions and handling. 

Calicase’s heavy-duty waterproof bag has a twist-to-lock closure to make sure your phone stays dry.

Take photos & video in a snap with the double sided crystal clear windows.

Calicase universal waterproof pouch Near Me Amazon United State

Mpow Waterproof Bag

mpow ipx8

mpow waterproof case

mpow waterproof phone case

mpow waterproof phone pouch

Mpow waterproof phone bag Near Me Amazon US

Mpow Universal Waterproof Case Amazon

mpow floating waterproof case

mpow waterproof pouch


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