Best iPhone 13 Waterproof Cases 2022 iPhone 13 Pro

As iPhone 13 Waterproof IP68 Rating design

But with lower protection level of shock, impact, drop etc.

Apple Says iPhone 13 Water resistance will decrease as our normal use.

To Better Protecting your iPhone 13 / keep the iPhone 13 Waterproof ability last longer & Dry / Under covered iPhone 13 Warranty

You Need a iPhone 13 Waterproof Cases!

Most of Waterproof iPhone 13 case Can Survive Underwater 2 meters (6.6 feet) Depth for up to 30 minutes and some have higher IP68 Rating!

Best used for Snorkeling, Swimming, Surfing, Kayaking, Rafting, Paddle, Fishing, Boating, Skiing, Beach and Ocean activity etc.

Good used for outdoor Activity, Hiking, Camping, Climbing, Sports and Gym Exercise!

Not iPhone 13? Choose Yours!

TOP 6 Products Guides

Best Overall: Professional Brand not from AmazonJOTOZO Waterproof iPhone 13 Case
Good PriceSpidercase iPhone 13 Waterproof Case
Most Expensive & High QualityLifeproof iPhone 13 Waterproof Case
The only Case with MagsafeGhostek iPhone 13 Waterproof Case
for Diving DeeperWillbox Professional iPhone Diving case
Waterproof iPhone PouchJOTO Waterproof Pouch

TOP 6 Products Compare

GuidesProfessional BrandGood PriceMost Expensive & High QualityMagsafe & Ruggedfor Diving DeeperWaterproof Pouch
ImageThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is JOTOZO-Waterproof-iPhone-13-Case-blackwebbrand.com_.jpgThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is SPIDERCASE-Waterproof-Case-for-iPhone-13-Case-blackwebbrand.com_.jpgThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is lifeproof-frē-protective-waterproof-case-for-iPhone-13-black-blackwebbrand.com_.jpgThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Ghostek-NAUTICAL-3-Waterproof-case-for-iPhone-13-blackwebbrand.com_.jpgThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Willbox-Professional-15m-50ft-Diving-case-iPhone-13-waterproof-case-blackwebbrand.com_.jpgThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is JOTO-Universal-Waterproof-Pouch-iPhone-13-waterproof-case-blackwebbrand.com_.jpg
IP68 Rating2 meters / 30 minutes2 meters / 30 minutes2 meters / 1 hour2 meters / 30 minutes50 ft / 15M100ft / 30 minutes
Click DetailJOTOZOSpidercaseLifeproofGhostekWillboxJOTO
Buy fromOfficial SiteAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazonAmazon
13/13 pro13/13 proonly iPhone 1313/13 pro13/13 pro13/13 pro13/13 pro

Best iPhone 13 Waterproof Cases 2022

The Top Brands of Best Waterproof Case for iPhone 13 Recommend by our experts, please choose the waterproof case meets you needs!

As Following

Best Overall: Professional Brand not from Amazon

JOTOZO Waterproof iPhone 13 Case

JOTOZO Brand – A Designer Professional Develop Waterproof Case!

Real Waterproof CaseIP68 Rating Full Sealed Underwater Case- Top Quality – no worry about other low quality case that will result iPhone 13 water damage!

6.6 feet / 2 meters submerge in waterproof |6.6 ft / 2meters Drop Protection

Military Grade Standard Rugged Case Providing heavy duty protection!

10% off Promotion on their official website – if you do not want to buy waterproof case from amazon!

JOTOZO iPhone 13 Waterproof Case Official Site Please Click Button

Good Price

SPIDERCASE Waterproof Case for iPhone 13 Case

Value for the price – Good quality – completely seal off your iPhone 13 to protect it from water, dust, snow and drops.

Built-in Screen Protector – prevent scratches – touching well

IP68 Rating – Survive 6.6 ft / 2 meter underwater for 30 minutes , Best used for water activities

Military Grade Shockproof 2 meters height drop protection outdoor sports

Full Protection – Durable – Rugged Case – comes at a surprisingly low cost!

Buy SPIDERCASE iPhone 13 Waterproof Case United State $19.99

Most Expensive & High Quality & Famous Brand

Lifeproof Frē iPhone 13 Waterproof Case

Tradition Brand DesignMost expensiveTop Quality – Full Sealed Waterproof use Confidence – no worry about quality for Lifeproof Frē design history longer than other brand

WaterproofIP68 Rating
Drop ProtectionMilitary Grade Shockproof
RuggedArmor Tough
ProofDustproof Snowproof Sandproof Dirtproof
Best UsedSwimming, Snorkeling, Kayaking
Go UnderwaterPhotography Video

Buy iPhone 13 Lifeproof Fre Case Amazon USA Near me

US $89.99

The only Case with Magsafe

Ghostek iPhone 13 Waterproof Case Magsafe

Ghostek NAUTICAL 4 Waterproof Case for iPhone 13 Magsafe

Special 4 Corner Protection -High Quality Design – a little expensive – Clear front and back Cover – Cool Case designer

High Level IP68 Rating Underwater case Survive underwater [ 12 feet depth for 20s!]

Get Ghostek NAUTICAL 4 iPhone 13 Waterproof case with magsafe Amazon United State: $49.98

for Diving Deeper

Best waterproof Pouch for iPhone 13

Willbox Professional Diving Case

iPhone 13 diving case / iPhone 13 Underwater Case

[15m/50ft] – Professional Diving no any worry – Take Pictures Underwater – Surfing Swimming Snorkeling OceanTake Photos & Video – Waterproof Protective Case

Get USA Near me $45.99

Waterproof iPhone Pouch

JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch

JOTO Floating Waterproof Phone Pouch

iPhone 13 waterproof pouch / iPhone 13 waterproof Bag

Diving up to 100 feetthe deepest depth waterproof phone pouch dry bags IPX8 Certified waterproof – Go Underwater Photography – Rafting Paddle Kayaking

Cellphone Dry Bag Case for iPhone 13 $6.99

SPORTLINK iPhone 13 Waterproof Case

Value for the price – With Built in Screen Protector – Full Body Protection -Quality Waterproof Case – IP68 Rating ( submersible to 6.6’/2 m for 30 minutes) – Military Grade 810G 516.6 Drop Test – Sturdy and Durable – Slim and Portable – Special Non slip Design -Lanyard Port – Wireless Charging Support – Multicolor

SPORTLINK iPhone 12 Pro Waterproof Case Amazon United State Near Me $18.89

Temdan Waterproof Case for iPhone 13

Value for the price – Temdan Brand – Waterproof & Outdoor Specialist

IP68 Waterproof Rating Survive 6.6ft/ 2 meters for 30 minutes Full Sealed

Exceed Military Grade 810G-516 Standard – 6.6ft/ 2 meters drop protection Providing heavy duty protection – Full body Protective Rugged Case

Slim fit – Wireless Charging support

Buy Temdan iPhone 13 Waterproof Case USA Amazon

Fansteck Waterproof Case for iPhone 13

keeps out dust, snow, water etc. No worry about dirt, liquid

Fansteck Case for iPhone 13

ANTSHARE iPhone 13 Waterproof Case

IP68 Waterproof

Outdoor enthusiasts – ultra-tough, keep safe from rock, water, snow.

ANTSHARE warranty: 1 year warranty and 24/7 service

Antshares price: $22.00 Amazon

Body Glove Tidal Waterproof Case for iPhone 13

Quality DesignValue PriceIP68 Certified (up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 6.6ft(2M) underwater) 100% Waterproof Secure Seal – Military Grade drop protection 6FT Drop Tested – Keeps Out Dust, Dirt, Sand , Snow – Tough

Body Glove black Tidal waterproof phone case

Get iPhone 13 waterproof case walmart US Near me 2 day delivery $19.88

Eonfine iPhone 13 Case Waterproof

Value for the price – 360 Full Body Cover excellent protection built-in screen protector – Transparent back shows the original color

6.6 inch/2 meters under water for 30 min

Shockproof exceed Military Standard 810G-516 1000 times drop from 6.6ft/2m height

TPU + PC Dual Layer Full Sealed for outdoor and water activity

Eonfine Waterproof iPhone 13 Max Case Amazon Near me

Inkolelo Floating iPhone 13 Waterproof Case with Screen Protector

The only waterproof phone lanyard Case design – Real waterproof case design no worry water insert

Maximum 33 feet depth Waterproof – IP68 Rating

10 meters drop protection – Shockproof exceed Military Standard 810G-516

waterproof floating phone case Swim pool Ocean Activity

Also used for life water rain sweat Smudge dust proof.

iPhone floating case United State Near me

Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 13

Catalyst 33ft Waterproof CaseTop level IP68 Waterproof Rating – underwater 33feet Water Resistant (10m) – Diving no problem!

Drop Proof 6.6ft – most expensive!

Compatible with Crux Accessories Cases – support the CDC Foundation

Buy Catalyst iPhone 13 Waterproof Case $89.99

Cozycase for iPhone 12 Pro Case Waterproof

Slim and lightweight providing heavy duty protection – Protective Rugged Case – worth the price – Risk-free Purchase – 12-Month Warranty – Camera protection – Anti Scratch – Easy Install

Cozycase iPhone 12 Pro Case Waterproof

Diverbox waterproof case for iPhone 13 Protective case

with KickstandSupport Magsafe Wireless Charging – multicolor Choosen

IP68 Water Resistant – 6.6’/2m depths can last for 1 hour – MIL STD anti drops within 6.6’/2m height

Military Standard MIL-STD-810G protecting your phone against up to 3m (10 feet) high drops.

Ready for Diverbox iPhone 13 Waterproof Case $19.99

Punkcase iPhone 13 Waterproof Case

Extreme Series Armor Cover – IP68 certified – submersible up to 20ft – Military-grade ruggedness – anti falls up to 6.6ft – 360 degree Protection

Punkcase Waterproof iPhone 13 Case

Shellbox Waterproof Case for iPhone 13

Shellbox iPhone 13 Magsafe case Design – wireless charging feature without removing this case

Underwater photography

1 year Worry-free service to ensure you have confidence in buying ShellBox products.

Shellbox for Waterproof iPhone 13 Case USA $22.99

CaliCase Universal Waterproof Floating Case Pouch For iPhone 13

  • DOUBLE THE PROTECTION – dual layers of high quality PVC plastic which ensures maximum waterproof protection and long term use.
  • PHOTOS & VIDEO UNDERWATER – Take photos & video in a snap with the double sided crystal clear windows.
  • Waterproof IPX8 certified up to 100 feet underwater.
  • FLOATS – No more stress about your phone sinking to the bottom of the ocean. CaliCase floats so you can enjoy yourself around the water knowing your valuables are safe.
  • FITS YOUR PHONE – Universal size fits all phones including the popular: Apple iPhone 13
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE W/ LIFETIME WARRANTY – No questions asked returns with a lifetime warranty!

CaliCase Universal waterproof phone pouch for iPhone 13 $29.99

Drypro Waterproof Floating Pouch

DryPro Universal Waterproof phone pouch

Floating iPhone 13 Waterphone phone pouch

Drypro Waterproof iPhone 13 Floating Pouch

Travelon Waterproof Pouch for iPhone 13

  • Protects smart phone or camera from water, dirt, dust or sand
  • Air and water-tight
  • Foam insert allows pouch to float on water’s surface
  • Touch screen is accessible through pouch
  • Includes 17” carry strap

Travelon Waterproof iPhone 13 Pouch

Lanhiem Waterproof Case for iPhone 13 Case

underwater 6.6ft for 1 hour –

Please remover the Screen Protector on your iPhone 13

Lanhiem Waterproof iPhone 13 Case United State Near me $18.99

SEAWAG Universal Waterproof Case for iPhone 13

  • Fully Waterproof IPX8 certificate, tested to 80 ft
  • Underwater Photos & Videos
  • Snow & Dirt proof
  • Keep calling/ Enjoy Touchscreen
  • Neck Strap included

SEAWAG Universal Waterproof iPhone 13 Case USA near me

Pelican Waterproof Case for iPhone 13 with Lanyard Strap

  • 18 ft/ 5.5 m drop protection- Constructed of impact absorbing materials- elastomer inside a rigid polymer shell
  • Protection against the elements- IP54 rated case protects against splashes, dust, dirt, snow and accidental drops, shatterproof
  • IP54 Not Really Waterproof!
  • Rugged 4 layer protection keeps your device safe even in the roughest conditions
  • Micropel Protection to keep your case looking like new
  • Lanyard Strap Included – Integrated lanyard loop keeps your mobile phone secure

Pelican waterproof case iPhone 13 United State Near me $69.99

Otterbox Waterproof iPhone 13 Case

many people ask for Otterbox Waterproof Case for iPhone 13, Otterbox never design waterproof case after iPhone 5 model

OtterBox buy lifeproof brand as it’s sub-company, the relation between otterbox and lifeproof is otterbox own the lifeproof!

Lifeproof professional design the waterproof case for iPhone Samsung Google pixel!

So if you want to buy Otterbox Waterproof Case for iPhone 13, please go to lifeproof website!

iPhone 13 waterproof Case otterbox

waterproof iphone case

frē case for magsafe for iphone 13

Lifeproof phone case

iPhone 13 Lifeproof case

Life proof case for iPhone 13

Lifeproof waterproof case

iPhone 13 case Lifeproof

Lifeproof iPhone 13 case

iPhone Waterproof Case

Waterproof cell phone case for Swimming

Mobile Rain Cover / phone rain cover

iPhone 13 Magsafe waterproof case

Apple iPhone 13 waterproof case with belt clip

waterproof phone pouch target

Redpepper Case iPhone 13 Waterproof Case

Hitcase iPhone 13 Case Waterproof

Waterproof Case for iPhone 13 | iPhone 13 Waterproof Case 2021

Mini 13 waterproof Case For Apple iPhone 13 Case Waterproof Shockproof+screen

iPhone 13 Waterproof Case | Waterproof iPhone 13 Case

iPhone 13 Waterproof Snowproof Dustproof Shockproof IP68 Certified Fully Sealed Underwater Protective Case

Water proof case for iPhone 13

Olixar iPhone 13 Waterproof Pouch – Black

For iPhone 13 Case Waterproof Underwater 2M 360 Body Cover Underwater Phone Case iPhone 13

Underwater iPhone Case Best Buy

Waterproof Phone Pouch Target

Underwater iPhone Case Near Me

Waterproof mobile phone cases for iPhone 13

Anker Waterproof Case waterproof pouch for swimming

best waterproof phone pouch for iPhone 13

waterproof mobile case

Mobile Pouch Waterproof for Bike

best waterproof phone case for snorkeling

waterproof phone case for kayaking phone case

waterproof phone protector

iPhone 13 Waterproof Pink

iPhone 13 Waterproof with strap

iPhone 13 Waterproof IP68

mobile phone waterproof cover

AiRunTech Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap (2 Pack) | Beach Accessories

Moko waterproof case for iPhone 13

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