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Admiral Cartwright hopes you’ve found something to enjoy over the years as he announces his final retirement as an author.

When dies in 2022, ASSTR will serve as its archive. Unfortunately, ASSTR does not support FormMail, so reader comments will be disabled.

I’ve had a lot of fun offering my little bits of lolierotic ‘literature’, and I like to think I leave behind something that wasn’t here before. I’ll leave it to you to decide if any of this qualifies as ‘art’.

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AC’s Works
New! Empathy
(INCOMPLETE 2021: Mg8, MFg9, Mg+6–10, nc, abuse, cons)
A psychologist learns when she is assigned a young victim that she has an otherworldly ability to absorb others’ pain. The victim responds in ways she never imagined—and several lives are forever changed.
Published for anyone interested in picking up where I’m leaving it.

New! Wildfire
(INCOMPLETE 2021: Mg[10–12], cons)
In the aftermath of a terrible wildfire, a photojournalist documents what his neighbours lost, and a surprise gain.
Published for anyone interested in picking up where I’m leaving it.

Admiral’s Bits
(Updated 2020: Includes FF, Mg, MMg, gsolo, cons, nosex – each ≤ 1500 words)
Stories, scenes and miscellaneous shit too short for their own pages.
“Nice one, and where are the girls when I go to the park?” (The Park [2020])

Mating Dance
(2019: Mg9, Mg12, Mgg, cons, illust, collab – 3484 words)
A tantrum leads to unexpected fun for two young dancers and one admiral. An artist/author collaborative work.
“Best ever, especially with the artwork, I’m so hard!!”

You Bet It’s Hallowe’en
(2018: Mg11, cons – 1548 words)
A bet goes very, very wrong on Hallowe’en—or very, very right.
“Hot damn, that was a good one. Loved the backstory as to what started it all.”

(2018: MF, Mg8, cons – 2488 words)
Sometimes, unlocked doors make good neighbours.
“An awesome ending.” “Magical twist!!”

Bonus scene! Hilo Blow
(2018: Mb12g11, inc, cons – 4049 words)
A same-sex encounter in a bowling alley restroom leads to a close encounter of the trois kind.
“Damn, Carla is a predator. And that’s just the way I like ’em.”

Nine for Eleven
(2018: Mg11, hj, cons, cum, voy – 3840 words)
Sundays in the park will never be the same.
“A nearly perfect story.”

(2018: Mg+7–11, Mf13, cons, prost – 4518 words)
Visiting certain Asian countries can be very rewarding—if you know where to look.
“Man oh man, who couldn’t just pick Missy up and abscond with her?”

Fire and Snow
(2017: Mg11, Mf16, mc [gM], cons, future – 7387 words)
A group of children is freed from the influence of an evil life form. Can the only girl among them work her magic on her rescuer? And what lies ahead?
“Now that’s a movie I’d love to see.”

Good Things Cum
(2016: Mg10, Mf12, mf, cons, voy – 10224 words)
A young voyeur is frustrated that she can only watch, and takes a chance with the single man in the back apartment.
“The mix of lust and love and life is extremely well done.”

A Letter from your Worst Nightmare
(2001: Mg+, inc, cons, politics – 18223 words)
Who really is the bad guy, anyway? Part sex romp, part political rant, all magnum opus.
2002 Golden Clitorides Award nominee for Short Story of the Year

Double Take
(2000: MFgg12, inc, cons – 15198 words)
Young twins meet for the first time since they were infants and, after discovering the truth, conspire to make theirs one family—one very happy family.
“Wickedly written, brilliant storyline—I loved the ‘and they all lived happily ever after’ ending.”

Bill’s Not-So-Secret Urge
(1999: MM+, mb, cons, cum – 6252 words)
Bill, happily married but missing something in his life, reminisces about his gay experiences as he engages with another man for the first time in years.
“A very inspiring and hot story.”

I’m Not a Little Girl Anymore!
(1999: Mg12, inc, cons – 4699 words)
Dena shares her joyful experience with her dad on her birthday.
“One of the best I’ve ever read.”

My Neighbour
(1999: Mg10, cons – 8015 words)
Jennifer, the precocious girl next door, gets very comfortable.
“Kept me hard the whole way through.”

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